A collection of articles, lectures and essays about literature, young readers, and the role of adults in bringing the two together. Some of the pieces are literary critical in nature, others deal with practical teaching approaches.
1.The Role of Literature in Children's Lives
2.Axes for Frozen Seas
3.The Reader in the Book
4.The Child's Changing Story
5.Letter from England: American Writers and British Readers
6.Alive and Flourishing: A Personal View of Teenage Literature
7.Ways of Telling: From Writer to Reader: An Author Reads Himself (A
discussion of the narrative structures of BREAKTIME and DANCE ON
8.Teaching Children's Literature
9.Whose Book is it Anyway?
10.Tell Me: Are Children Critics
Notes & References
'The Reader in the Book' was recipient of the first award given by the American Children's Literature Association for Excellence in Literary Criticism.
'Tell Me'. This was the first account of an approach to the teaching of literature, especially in primary and early secondary schools, which was later developed into the short book TELL ME: CHILDREN, READING & TALK.
Booktalk is a standard work in many undergraduate and in-service courses for students, teachers and librarians.
First published by Bodley Head in 1985
Latest edition: Thimble Press, reprinted 2001

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All contents are ©Aidan Chambers unless otherwise stated.

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