Bedtime Story

A comic drama in six scenes

This story of time, a bed and three people is told in six scenes which mix the tale's chronology. As we witness the growth and changes in the characters and the pressure that history imposes on them, we discover that nothing is quite as straightforward as it seems. And as the house is stripped for sale, so the characters are stripped for us to view their life behind the facade.

Clara chooses Luke for first sex when she is sixteen. Later she has an affair with her History teacher, Bart. But keeps on with Luke through their years at school and university and in their first jobs. She meets both men in the guest bed room of her unmarried aunt's house when her aunt is away on her monthly trips to London.

When Clara is twenty-six her aunt dies, leaving everything to her niece. Family secrets come to light as the house is vacated, ready for sale. As a result Clara makes plans for her and Bart. But Luke has quite different plans in mind for himself and Clara.


Not yet performed.

If you would like to know more or read the script, mail me.

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