The Dance Sequence of Novels


Dance on My Grave

Now I Know


Dance on My Grave
Now I know


Postcards fro No Man's Land The Toll Bridge    

Postcards from No Man's Land

The Toll Bridge

This Is All:The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn

Breaktime and Dance on My Grave Now I Know and The Toll Bridge Postcards from no man's land Postcards from no man's land - Penguin cover  
Dying to Know You Blindside      
Children's Books
The Present Takers Seal Secret      
Short Stories
The Kissing Game Paperback cover      
╔t╔ 85 - French version Summer of 85 - English subtitled version      
De Tolbrug Only Once The Dream Cage Johnny Salter The Chicken Run
Criticism and Reading
Booktalk Reading Talk
  La penna di Anne Frank
 The Age Between: Personal Reflections on Youth Fiction
 L'etÓ sospesa
Teachers and Education
Tell Me The Reading Environment      
Favourite Ghost Stories Dead Trouble & Other Ghost Stories      
Line by Line
Driving down to Galilee        
Foreign Editions
The Age Between
British cover  Italian cover Dutch cover
German cover  Italian cover Argentian cover American edition Italian edition
Dance on my Grave
Dutch cover Korean cover Swedish cover

Simplified Chinese

Simplified Cinese 2013
Italian cover Swedish cover 2012 American cover Italian cover  
Now I Know


Italian cover
Greek cover
American cover
Italian Cover
Postcards from No Man's Land
Catalan cover Chinese cover Danish cover Dutch cover Norwegian cover

German cover paperback German cover hardback Greek cover Italian cover Italian cover
Simplified Chinese Spanish cover Swedish cover US cover US paperback
Japanese cover US Platinum Speak Edition Swedish Cover Korean Cover Hebrew cover
Brazillian cover Chinese cover - simplified Italian cover    
The Toll Bridge
Dutch cover Italian cover Chinese cover German cover New German cover
American cover French cover Swedish cover Italian cover  
This Is All
American Edition HDBK American Edition PBK Dutch Edition Italian Edition Swedish edition
Dutch edition Italian cover      
Other books
Dying to know you
German cover Italian cover      
Tell Me with The Reading Environment
UK cover Swedish cover Dutch cover Italian cover Russian cover
The Reading Environment
Dutch cover Chinese cover American cover Spanish cover Lithuanian cover
Chinese cover 2016 Chinese cover      
The Present Takers
Italian cover Croatian cover Dutch cover Spanish cover French Cover
German cover Swedish cover      
Tell Me
American cover Chinese cover Japanese cover Italian cover Spanish cover
Dutch cover Chinese cover 2016 Chinese cover    
The Kissing Game
Dutch cover Italian cover      
Other books
Seal Secret - German cover Doppio Misto - Italian book of short stories Reading Talk Essays - Spanish cover Booktalk - Spanish cover Shadows on the Sand - Italian cover
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