Johnny Salter

A play for young people 11 to 16 to read and perform

A play about early teenage, its plot mixes the elements of a dare between leaders of rival neighbourhood 'gangs', emerging teenage boy-girl friendships, the issue of social class divisions, and a potentially serious crime, making a naturalistic comedy about a moment of growth from childhood to adolescence. Two production features are strongly emphasised. Considerable scope for individual and group movement in fights, chases, and comic byplay, along with cut-and-thrust dialogue which the actors are encouraged by the writer to change and adapt to their own style and fashion.

Written with the co-operation of young actors, the first production used a proscenium stage. Since then, others have set the play in the round and in other forms.

Often used for play-reading in classrooms and though now old fashioned and ageing, to judge by sales and response, it still touches a nerve and is enjoyed, especially by less experienced young readers and actors.

First published by Heinemann, 1966

Frequently reprinted

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