October 2013

The British and American paperback editions of Dying to Know You have been published in Random House UK Definitions series, and in Abrams Amulet Books, USA.


The German edition of Dying to Know You (Worts sind nicht meine Sprache), translated by Thomas Gunkel, has been published by Knesebeck.


A new simplified Chinese translation of Dance on My Grave has been published by Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House.


The Making of Modern Children's Literature in Britain: Publishing and Criticism in the 1960s and 1970s by Lucy Pearson, Lecturer in Children's Literature at Newcastle University (Ashgate Publishing, 2013) compares in substantial chapters the work of Kaye Webb with Penguin Puffins and my work with the Macmillan Topliners.


My own iPad app, TABLET TALES, is a portal to some of my new writing, especially for the iPad, along with eight essays and articles, and a few of my currently out of print books, revised and presented as eBooks. For more information go to TABLET TALES APP.



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